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Peterborough, NH – 63 Old Street Road

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At the Village at Stone Barn, a clustered village of net zero homes and farm-to-table cafe will be built into a regenerative farm that produces food, fuel and fiber in a way that draws down CO2 and reduces the impacts of climate change locally. With amenities like solar-power, hiking trails, walking access to downtown and plenty of space to just Be, the Village at Stone Barn takes the guesswork out of living a climate-beneficial life.

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We make living a sustainable and beautiful life easy.

The Village at Stone Barn in Peterborough New Hampshire sits on a 32 acre property, complete with walking trails, wetlands and a working farm. With views of Mount Monadnock from the front door, the Stone Barn is one of the most iconic properties in Peterborough. More than 100 years old, it is one of just two stone barns in the state of New Hampshire. Downtown Peterborough, with a thriving scene of cafes and restaurants and the nation’s oldest publicly funded library, is just a short walk away.

Thirty net-zero homes are clustered on the property, which includes a working farm and farm-to-table cafe. All farm products will be available to residents through a CSA and sold at our on-site farm-to-table cafe. Additional amenities on the property include common space to work or gather, outdoor seating and walking trails, a forested yoga platform, a pond, fire pit, and wood-fired sauna.

Inspired by traditional New England architecture, but with a modern twist. The bulk of the units will be 2bd/2bath single-floor living offered between 300-350,000. The largest units will be 1,400sf 3bd/2bath homes and will be listed for approximately 400,000. All units will have modern finishes and appliances with a high-performance building envelope. The high performance building envelope and HVAC infrastructure will ensure that the units are quiet. Each unit will be designed to maximize natural light and air circulation, resulting in excellent indoor air quality and consistent, climate-controlled, comfort.

The project is inspired by both the need to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change as well as the slow food movement and the shift in farming to use regenerative practices that grow nutrient-dense food, rebuild topsoil, increase biodiversity, and mitigate the effects of drought and flood.

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What are the benefits of the Village at Stone Barn for the town of Peterborough?

Small towns and rural communities throughout the United States are looking for ways to strengthen their economies, provide better quality of life, and build on local assets. Peterborough and southern NH generally is facing a declining population, and loss of farms and working lands.

Smart growth strategies can help the Town of Peterborough achieve its goals for growth and development while maintaining its distinctive rural  & small town character. This project:
• Allows residents to live close to their daily destinations
• Is a great destination for a weekend house – avoiding cape cod and maine traffic on holidays and summers
• Protects the rural landscape, helps preserve open space, protects air and water quality
• Provides places for recreation, and creates tourist attractions that bring investments into the local economy
• Supports walking and biking, helping to reduce air pollution from vehicles while saving people money.

The Village at Stone Barn both brings people to the region, while helping to preserve - and even enhance - the rural character of the community. This property has been vacant for >70 years. Bringing smart development to this land is a key step to keeping Peterborough a thriving community in the years to come. 

What are the benefits of living at the Village at Stone Barn for residents?

• Rural living without the responsibility of maintenance 
• Affordable, high quality design 
• Walkable to downtown Peterborough 
• Net-zero, energy efficient homes
• Smart, modern design with roots in classic New England architecture
• Food grown on-site; opportunities to participate in market garden 
• Families can have their children grow up on a farm without having to commit to the 24/7 responsibly of raising their own livestock or produce.
• People can get involved in site activities as much as they want to.
• Children may be able to be less supervised (safety/free range kids) due to onsite staff and small clustered development.
• Aging populations can stay active in retirement if you choose to
• Leveraging your purchasing to what you want to see in the world is the most impactful way to create change




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